Best Foot Forward

I believe I will finish my Masters Thesis this week.

Writing a Masters Thesis was hard and took a long time. It is not just that the paper and writing the paper is hard, but also that the paperwork and overhead involved is very hard. A lot of signatures need to be signed and papers need to be handed to various people, and Human Subjects Use must be authorized, and all sort of things that make writing the paper itself seem like the easy part. Still, I have gotten good feedback about the paper, and I feel it’s time to wrap it up and move on to the next thing.

My current place of employment in the Mind Lab has asked me for an updated bio. And I wrote:

Amanda Flowers is recieving a Masters degree in Telecommunication Information Studies and Media. Originally from Ohio, she recieved her undergraduate degree in Computer Art from Bowling Green State Unversity in 2002. She has worked with the MSU GEL Lab and the Mind Lab on various game projects for use in experiments and research. Her primary interests include digital games, games in education, interactive storytelling, and roleplaying environments.

And then I thought… well… that doesn’t say anything about my web design. But, it’s a start. My web design itself has gotten spotty since I’m doing so much of it professionally that my personal pages suffer from a little lack of polish. You can see the under-construction feel of all my current things.

From a more honest standpoint, I might be equally recognizable on the web as “that girl who wrote that really long Beast Wars RPG,” or “the Megaman MUSH Web person,” or “short-lived Gargoyles fan author.” I’ve recently drifted in to an attempt to become more known in the City of Heroes fanart community as well, so perhaps we’ll see more City of Heroes web content on SecondTruth soon.

I work three jobs right now. Yet sometimes I still feel like I could be doing so much more… funny, how that works.






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