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I finished Retro Gaming Challenge! Lots of interesting stuff. Fun game all around with just a few moments of frustration. The play control is much tighter than the old games it’s trying to represent, but, to compensate, there isn’t as much lag in them either. This is particularly notable in Haggleman 3 when there’s 20 enemies on screen at any given time.

Next on the list of things to play for my DS… Princesses!

The eyeeees, they stare. People say I never seem to show interest in cute games, but this isn’t true. I’m just more interested in trying out different gameplay models than worrying about aesthetics.

Short review: it strikes me as a short game, but there are a lot of songs to unlock so I’m not sure if I’m really already at the halfway point or not. I’m much more interested in the “dating game” aspect of the game than in the dancing mechanic, since you don’t see dating games so much in the US, and even when you do see dating games, it’s usually one guy and a bunch of girls, not one girl and a bunch of guys. So that’s cool! It seems like two of the guys have already fallen a hundred-percent in love with me, but not my current dance partner! I wonder if there’s any way to switch to one of the guys who likes me best, or if once you pick a guy you are stuck.

The “dancing” aspect is basically Elite Beat Agents dumbed down, and forcing you to repeat the same songs a bunch of times, so meh to that, even if it’s mostly for little girls and not older gamers like me. The public domain songs they use in it are kind of boring; it would be better just to write all new music than to rearrange “The Saints Go Marching In.”






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