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Just an update to currently playing from my gamer blog – I’m still working on FF4, but off and on I’m playing Mystery Dungeon Shiren, a roguelike game that seems to be more popular in Japan. I’m actually not all that good at rougelikes, but I like them anyway because they’re so challenging.

Else-blog I got a comment about my last recent post reminding me about the Ouroboros function in City of Heroes, which allows any player to repeat any content that they missed at lower levels by temporarily leveling them down to experience it. I hadn’t really forgotten it entirely, but it’s a great point that, with that feature, plus the new Architect allowing people to make missions that level them up very fast, there really isn’t a huge incentive to take your time playing the low-end game. You could always rush to the end, be a level 50, but then go back and play anything that you happened to miss that interested you…

It’s food for thought. I personally tend to play through games very slowly, just because I do a lot of things, play a lot of games at once, and have kind of an unusual usage pattern. For example, this Friday was actually the first time I ever finished Metroid Prime, despite having played it right when it came out at first, and having my own copy for years!






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  1. Spoonwood Avatar

    Good ole Palam and Porom and the evil guy who turns good at the end. I read on Wikipedia they remade the game a good bit. *casts a cure spell for you* Best of success!

  2. Spoonwood Avatar

    I didn’t see the irony here before. It took Samus that long to finish a game of Metroid?!

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