7 Day RL Complete!

Wow! Our game is done!

Play it now on the web right here!

Cosplay Mystery Dungeon

Or, you can download a standalone EXE. It’s in Flash.

Here’s one more screenshot…

Anyway, I wasn’t crunching on this super late like Switchbreak and Leigh were so major thanks to both of you for working so hard to make a game! I’m really happy with it as is, even if I know we could probably work for weeks more and add a million more things…

2 thoughts on “7 Day RL Complete!”

  1. Hey, this is pretty awesome! The mechanics are very smooth, and I really like the visuals and the storyline. Any chance you might expand this, add more enemies and such?

  2. Thank you for playing!
    The 7DRL forums kind of discourage doing a second release, but I know if Switchbreak is up for it, I would be. One thing I regret is not putting more scenery art in the game, and I think more enemies would be fun too, especially in the later levels where the difficulty curve flattens a bit.

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