What’s a Technical Evangelist?

Since I announced my transition to Microsoft, I’ve gotten two specific questions a lot from people.

The number one question was if I was relocating, which, I am not. Though I do hope to get around a lot this year, I am settled back into the Reading, PA area.

The number two question I seem to get is “what is a technical evangelist, anyway?” My favorite comment so far about this was “it sounds like a Shadowrun class.”

Actually, my new job isn’t too different from my last job, although it’s a bit more specific. When I was working on GameSprout, I was a good person to connect with for advice or support if you were someone interested in making games. Now that I’m working with Microsoft, I’m the person to connect with if you’re interested in making games (or other applications) with Microsoft. Even more specifically, I’m working with Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Azure, and, more specifically than that, within my particular Philly/Baltimore region. My passion is still and always about educating people to make development more accessible and getting people the resources they need to make cool stuff.

Soooo, if you’ve got a tech group or a hackathon in the Philly area, or if you’re a school that’s looking for someone to come do a classroom session or two about app/game development, I want to hear from you! Tweet at me at @second_truth as always, email, or snag me at one of the events I will be attending. Up next is IndieCade East!






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