Announcing BAM! – Best App a Month

Now that the site is moved over, time for an announcement:


Microsoft is sponsoring a contest for app development, and it’s through me! (And the other Technical Evangelists in your area. But in this case, me.) If you happen to have the Best App a Month, you can win a Dell Venue Pro Windows 8 Tablet. There’s four different giveaways: March, April, May, and June. Each month one app developer will win the tablet… So if you want a chance to win you can start right now.

There’s a few rules for how to be considered for the contest:

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Legal resident of the USA.
  • Must publish your app on Windows 8 during the selection window. In this case, when you publish before March 31, you’ll be included in the March contest. In the next few months, we’ll do more!
  • Your app needs to work without being buggy – use modern design and features – be creative – and ideally take some advantage of Azure services.
  • Must attend a workshop that I’m running or contact me during my Office Hours for a personal workshop. Then I’ll link you to the form to submit your app for consideration.

But Amanda how do I find your office hours – well I’ve signed up for to make this process simpler. I’ll be holding open hours on Skype tomorrow, or, I’ll also be at Philly Dev Night the following Thursday, March 13.

I’m also attending other workshops in the region where you can hit me up for more information, and I will post here about any events I’m hosting in the future.  If you have questions or have an app you know you want me to check out, you can reply right here on this blog, or on Twitter, or anyplace else you typically reach me. This offer is for Philly area devs, but, if you’re in another region in the Eastern US you may be near another eligible city.