Day of Unity Events

I’m writing this post to pass on the information to you about some learning events that might be happening near you!

Starting April 12, Microsoft is sponsoring the Day of Unity in select cities across the USA. This is a free opportunity to build a game in Unity for the Windows platform. Participants will get hands-on help from Microsoft & Unity experts, receive breakfast and lunch, and enter to win software licenses, Windows Phone devices and more.

The Day of Unity is a free event for beginner and expert developers. If you already have a game project and a laptop, you can bring it with you to this hands-on porting lab and learn how to port it to Windows. If you’re a beginner, there will be lessons on how to build a 2D game in Unity, and port it.

Here’s the vital details direct from our sponsors:

  • Topic: Publishing Games on Windows
  • Includes Unity toolset, Windows Platform
  • Participants will learn how to build a 2D game and export it to Windows and Windows Phone or can work on porting existing Unity games to Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Timing: April 12 – May 28
  • # of Sessions: 20 (see cities and dates below)
  •  # of Attendees: ~50 per session
  • Format: Full day session, Lecture and Hands on Labs (100 and 300-level)

Here’s the list of cities and dates! If you want to come, click on your city to be taken directly to the signup form.

April 12 Columbus, OH
April 19 Dallas, TX
April 22 Sunnyvale, CA
April 24 Denver, CO
April 26 Houston, TX
May 1 Philadelphia, PA
May 3 Minneapolis, MN
May 6 San Diego, CA
May 8 Los Angeles, CA
May 10 Austin, TX
May 10 Orlando, FL
May 13 Portland, OR
May 14 Chicago, IL
May 15 Atlanta, GA
May 15 Redmond, WA
May 28 Boston, MA

If you’re working on a Unity game already, you should know that if you are porting the game to Windows, Unity is offering free devices, free Windows Dev Center accounts, and other perks. More about this special Unity offer here.