Development Resources for Women

I spent last weekend at the International Women’s Hackathon in Washington DC. I met some cool girls there who were hacking and making, saw some amazing science, and had a blast!

One of the problems the event is trying to solve is a commonly discussed one: how to get more women involved in development and other STEM fields. Last week another evangelist, David Crook from IndieDevSpot, asked me about  some of the women-only groups and resources I know of, so that he can share them with curious women who want to learn development or try hackathons in a supportive environment.

Rane Johnson from Microsoft Research is working on a more comprehensive resources page by region that I will link as soon as it is completed. She also has an official Microsoft-sponsored page here with resources and links that should be a great place to start.

As for me, these are some of the woman-focused groups I’ve worked with or am aware of. There are certainly more (feel free to add in the comments) but these are the ones I know of. Maybe you have an organization in your area!

Please add anything else I missed in the comments and I can update this list! I know there are tons out there and many regional ones.