Travel Schedule and Downtime Update

Technical posting will mostly be on hold starting July 19. That’s because I am getting ready for a busy travel schedule in the second half of July…

Starting with MGX and TechReady, in Atlanta and Seattle, in the next two weeks. These are internal Microsoft events so I won’t be able to post much or tweet much publically. Sorry! If I’m quiet, that’s why. I return August 2.

After that, I am speaking (!) at VGU Con in DC on August 16! If you’re in the area hope to see you there!

ETA: I was hoping to get another post out, but I gotta board a plane for a wedding. Ah, summer. See you next month!

To give you some more game tech content to whet your appetite, check out my co-worker Dave going over the Prime 31 plugins. These are the same free plugins I plan to try out to enrich my game for Windows Phone. You can find plugins for all platforms here:






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