Microsoft Startup Ventures Event

Hi everyone – I’ll get back to game dev blog soon, but first a word from our sponsors:

It wasn’t very long ago that I heard the phrase “The Internet of Things” for the first time, and now it seems to be everywhere. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it, and then someone said “It’s like MegaMan Battle Network,” and then I was like, “Oh!”

But maybe you’re already working in the Internet of Things, on some cool home automation solution that you think will change the future. It’d probably be nice to have some more capital, mentorship, and support to make that happen. If that’s you, you will want to check out Microsoft Ventures. Microsoft has had success with startups around the globe, and now they want to hear from the smartest people in home automation to decide whose startup they should support and fund. Or, more specifically:

 “Home automation is ripe for startup innovation,” said Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president, Developer Experience and Evangelism for Microsoft. “We are working closely with American Family Insurance to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for entrepreneurs in our accelerator. Startups accepted into the program will gain critical industry insight to build companies with the potential to have an enormous impact on our lives.”

The accelerator provides mentorship, workspace and an immersive experience focused on launching world-class companies with an eye on the global marketplace. Access to customer, partners and investors while taking no equity, no debt and no dilution. American Family Insurance, the eighth largest homeowners’ insurer in the U.S., will provide deep industry experience, important consumer insights and a wealth of homeowner knowledge that would be impossible for young companies to gain access to on their own. American Family Insurance is also offering a minimum optional $25,000 equity investment in each startup accepted into the program.

If you want more information, Microsoft Ventures is holding a meeting on July 17th at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, New York. Check out all the details here!

If you have a cool startup based on the Internet of Things, and you can make it out to New York next week, consider registering for the event. It’s win-win: you could get funding and workspace for your amazing new business, and I can get Roll.EXE to bust the viruses in my wafflemaker.