Light Painting at Dragon Hacks 2015

Two weeks ago I attended DragonHacks at Drexel University. It was my first time going to an all-hardware Hackathon and I had a really fun time seeing what people came up with!

I want to share with everyone a cool Kinect hack that one of the student teams did. Using Kinect and an Intel Edison, Christopher Frederickson, Nick Felker, and Max Bareiss created a tool that will change the color of an LED to line up with a palette projected onto a screen. As the light changes color, the subject is photographed in long exposure, creating a beautiful multicolored light painting! This video demonstrates how it works:

Max was kind enough to link me to the team’s documentation, so you can try this hack at home if you want. Check it out right here: The Light Painter’s Palette

If you want to see another weird (but non computerized) hack from the event, check this funny one out courtesy Major League Hacking: The Portable Shower.

DragonHacks was super fun – I look forward to doing a lot more hacking and making this year!