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Hi blog, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted much here in almost a year. Well, I’m still engineering at Microsoft, but this blog is going to be quiet for a while because I’m focusing a lot of energy on my Twitch content instead! Please follow me there or on Twitter if you want to hear from me! I still post as well at from time to time.  I’m not dead, it’s just a quiet blog! Thank you!






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  1. matt w Avatar
    matt w

    Hey Amanda did you see this thing from Emily Short about the book Level Up! As soon as she said that it had a whole lot of discussion of different kinds of jump I immediately thought of you, as you can see from the comment I left there! And then I went to figure out where I could tell you about it and came to this blog and found a post from this very day about how you hadn’t posted in a year, which is kind of eerie. Anyway, hope you’re well and hope you see this!

    1. secondtruth Avatar

      Oh man, thanks! I will check this post out! It’s been a while since I read Emily’s stuff but I love to.

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