Hi! I’m Amanda Lange. If you clicked on About, you probably want to know more about SecondTruth.com!

I started SecondTruth almost two decades ago as a place to host my game design experiments. Since then it’s undergone several revisions and become the full-time home of my blog.

I’m a staff writer at http://www.tap-repeatedly.com discussing games and culture. I’m a developer, artist, and game critic. I’m open to new professional opportunities in the Philadelphia area or elsewhere if the job is right! I love to play Dungeons & Dragons, cook good food, and generally geek out.

“Second Truth” as a phrase is partially inspired by a title name from the Secret of Mana soundtrack. The number two has some symbolic meaning for me as well as I am a fan of a certain “second” from anime whose name is similar to mine! I also made the connection between my earlier game writing about older games, taking a “second look” at titles that I was coming into late.

This site is still host to my game experiments:

You can also find me:

Please do not comment on this blog with speaking requests or solicitations. It’s just a terrible way to get hold of me since I filter spam. Use Email or Twitter!


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  1. […]  Amanda Lange: I try to tell students: 1. Get comfortable with the tools that you'll be trying to use. 2. A story idea is not a game idea, so be careful about doing too much story writing up front before coding something (common student problem). 3. Learn to play games critically, which will lead to understanding their systems better (this includes board games and games otherwise unfamiliar to them too). 4. Make stuff. Join game jams. Don't focus too much on making your "dream game" out of the box, but skill up first and fail fast so you can get good at what you're trying. You may also find our very basic games MVA useful. […]

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    Ankit Parichha

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