Hi! I’m Amanda Lange. If you clicked on About, you probably want to know more about SecondTruth.com!

I started SecondTruth almost two decades ago as a place to host my game design experiments. Since then it’s undergone several revisions and become the full-time home of my blog.

I’m a staff writer at http://www.tap-repeatedly.com discussing games and culture. I’m a developer, artist, and game critic. I’m open to new professional opportunities in the Philadelphia area or elsewhere if the job is right! I love to play Dungeons & Dragons, cook good food, and generally geek out.

“Second Truth” as a phrase is partially inspired by a title name from the Secret of Mana soundtrack. The number two has some symbolic meaning for me as well as I am a fan of a certain “second” from anime whose name is similar to mine! I also made the connection between my earlier game writing about older games, taking a “second look” at titles that I was coming into late.

This site is still host to my game experiments:

You can also find me:

Please do not comment on this blog with speaking requests or solicitations. It’s just a terrible way to get hold of me since I filter spam. Use Email or Twitter!

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