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Job Update

Some quick news on the job front –

I have moved to a new team at Microsoft! I am starting a role as a Software Engineer in the Tech-Aligned Americas team. I am going to be focusing on Conversational AI, as well as Mixed Reality and Games/Gamification opportunities as they arise. I am really excited to begin this new journey at Microsoft!

I’m also going on vacation for a couple of weeks, but later I will be around on my Twitch: I’ve started doing some game development streams which I will continue in August, time and schedule permitting. We are on a short break from Dungeons & Dragons while we remodel our “studio” for the show.

See you soon!

Writing Roundup

This blog hasn’t been too busy lately, I know. But if you’re interested, I’ve been posting a lot of articles that I was sitting on for a while on the games blog I write for,

I Play Fighting Games for the Story – about the story mode in Street Fighter V and why it doesn’t quite work for me, and about my relationship to fighting game stories in general

Too Many Games and the Philadelphia Game Scene – a hopefully humorous personal look at a local games event and the activities there!

Heart Quest Books: D&D Adventures for Girls – some cool books that I read this summer that were written in the 80s!

Also, I wrote a chapter in a book!

100 Greatest Video Game Characters (available on Amazon)

This book lists 100 great video game characters, and opens up the debate as to whether you think those characters deserve to be called the greatest. I can actually think of a few characters I believe are missing from this list, so it’s bound to start conversations. Of course, I wrote about an inarguably correct choice – SHODAN. It’s an honor of course to be part of the project and I hope you check it out!





Catch me on Twitch!

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I can’t always find time to write long essays about games. I’m often busy playing them!

I figured I’d go ahead and share that gameplay with all of you, so I re-invigorated my Twitch stream. I haven’t streamed since Extra Life several years ago, so I’m shaking off the dust.

Check my channel out at

My plan for the forseeable future: to stream CRPGs on Monday night, and shooters or team games Friday nights, time permitting. So, on Mondays for a while, please come watch me play Torment: Tides of Numenera, if you want to see the game! Keep in mind that, a) there will be spoilers, of course, and b)  the game is very text heavy. On Fridays, provided I’m not traveling or at a conference, you can watch me be pretty terrible at Overwatch. Hooray!

Also in the works: we’re starting a local Dungeons & Dragons game, and we’d like to livestream it as much as possible. More details as this unfolds, but you might be able to catch character creation and D&D plotting this upcoming Sunday afternoon.

While my channel is offline for the rest of the week, watch my friend Elli at She’s the one showing me the ropes where it comes to making a Twitch stream go, and is an awesome streamer with a good variety of regular content! (We’re playing D&D at her place.)

Oh, and… if neither of those are happening, I guess you could watch the Power Rangers.

See you tonight, starting at around 8:00 PM EST, and going until I feel too sleepy to keep it up (around 12 AM).


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New Location

This post is a test of the new location of using Azure and WordPress! You’re probably going to see changes happening here and there while I widen columns and adjust backgrounds over the next few days, so don’t get too hung up on the way the site looks right now.

The migration from Blogger is totally complete and you should not see any issues right now. But if you do, please tell me and I will get to them!

Some DNS Issues

Sorry – I had a temporary service outage. My blog hasn’t been too disrupted, but anything hosted on, including my recent Twine game, isn’t functioning right now while they restore my backup web site. I hope to have everything fixed by tomorrow!