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  • Welcome – Redirect

    Welcome – Redirect

    If you’ve stumbled here, you’ve found the new home of my old blog. This blog won’t be updated regularly, but I’ll try to leave it online for archival purposes for anyone who wanted my old writings. Just doing proper internet sanitation practices.

  • Very Quiet Blog

    Hi blog, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted much here in almost a year. Well, I’m still engineering at Microsoft, but this blog is going to be quiet for a while because I’m focusing a lot of energy on my Twitch content instead! Please follow me there or on Twitter if you want to hear…

  • I Started a Video Blog!

    I started a new video blog on Channel 9 at MSDN. I’m going to try to post at least every other week with a video about gaming, IoT, or just some technology I’m working with. Hopefully it will give some people more ideas for fun projects. Check it out here with my first entry, which…

  • Come Jam With Us

    We’re having a game jam tonight at Philly Dev Night sponsored by Microsoft! Come out and jam with us at Philly Dev Night! If you haven’t seen my Events Calendar it’s updated with some of the things I’m doing this summer and fall. Hope to see you!  

  • Happy New Year 2015!

    Happy New Year! A quick list of what’s up with me in 2015 so far… This upcoming weekend, I’ll be at Drexel for the DragonHacks event! At the end of January, I’m going to be at the MAGfest MAGES event, where I’m participating in multiple game design panels! I’m super-excited! And in March, I’m going…

  • Trip Report: BarCamp Philly

    Trip Report: BarCamp Philly

    On Saturday, I went to BarCamp Philly. At this “Unconference,” I learned that the “Bar” in “BarCamp” comes from the phrase “Foo-Bar” rather than having to do with alcohol. That answered a big burning question of mine, let me tell you! I also delivered a talk about Gamification, wherein I tried out a new crowd game…

  • Learning Game Production Basics

    A big common question I get from people is “how do I get started making games?” I’ve spent a lot of my career answering that question for people and trying to de-mystify the process and make game development more accessible to beginners. On November 6, I’m working with Microsoft Game Evangelist Tobiah Marks to answer…

  • I Have a Guest Post

    … On MSDN today. It’s short. 🙂 Hope you enjoy. What I wish my younger self could see…

  • New Local Flavor

    New Local Flavor

    A new edition of Local Flavor is up at Tap-Repeatedly! This time, I went to New Jersey to visit the islands. No really, check it out! I have some other great content in the works right now, but first I want to take a small moment to talk about journalistic integrity. You see, everyone that…

  • Quick Links

    Hi everyone! I am at Video Gamers United this weekend! Come see me on Saturday at the Women in Games panel. Dave Voyles posted the second part of his prime31 plugins tutorial here. And you might be interested in my interview with Philly game creator Shawn Pierre here at Tap-Repeatedly. More good stuff later!