IF Comp 2009: Earl Gry

Comp entry pages say “Earl Grey” but it distinctly says “Earl Gry” at the top of my interpreter.

I don’t know if I’m just not good at puzzles, or if the puzzles in this game are silly and arbitrary. I flailed around for a long time trying to solve it myself. I never would’ve solved within two hours without the walkthrough.  The whole bit about the cluster/luster of rocks is ridiculous.

If anyone solved this without the walkthrough I’d like to know how they did it and how long it took.  Because the comp rules are two hours of play, I wanted to see the whole game.

The story is nice. It has a cute symmetry to it, and the text is fairly enjoyable. Some puzzles, like the pauper/paper are understandable enough, but I wasted a lot of time walking back and forth between the ogreling and the pauper before I understood that just talking to them enough and in the proper order was all I needed to do to move forward from that part.

I like that the game gives you easy second chances if you die without saving.

I really don’t have any idea how to score it.

2 thoughts on “IF Comp 2009: Earl Gry”

  1. There’s a reference to the ‘e’ getting knocked out of Earl Grey somewhere in the early part of the game. I didn’t really get that part, though.

  2. The game is very carefully written so that only a few words in every room can be changed into words that make sense, so the trick is to scan everything’s description for words with extraneous letters, remove those, then see what words can be altered with the letters you’ve got. After a while, things like “The witch smiled, welcoming him into her coven” start ringing alarm bells the first time you read them.

    I’m really glad I didn’t spoil this one for myself, as frustrating as it was sometimes. Then again, I like word puzzles a bit more than is healthy really.

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