IF Comp 2009: Interface

This was all right. When it said it was a “deliberately old school romp,” I was worried I’d get a lot of instant kills and have to save a lot, but it turned out I couldn’t really die or get stuck in this game. I saved a lot anyway, just in case something screwed me, as I figured a deliberately oldschool romp indeed would.  Anything that might contain real spoilers is below.

The puzzles such as they were were easy. I finished it in less than an hour with max score and seemed to basically stumble on how to do everything correctly.

Some descriptions aren’t real evocative, such as the “boring living room.” But the implementation is nice with pretty much everything I try to examine actually existing in the world.  I keep thinking the game might have been more evocative if it took place in something other than a house with a secret lab though I’m hard pressed to figure out precisely what.  Oh, and I guess it has a feelie! I just now, after finishing it, realized that. It wasn’t really important to finishing the game to have this.

At first I thought it was weird that Gilby wasn’t bothered that I had his keys, but he does eventually realize, and takes them, which is a good touch.

One weird thing: “You can see property tage here.” Wait, what is property tage? “You see nothing special about property tage.”  …Um, thanks.

Since I thought the game was easy, and there was no ‘amusing,’ I checked out the hints after finishing it.  A few hints seem to hint at things I never encountered such as “how do I give the doll to the girl?”  Turns out the author put some red herring hints as a joke.  Not really all that funny – what about just having context-sensitive hints like other games I’ve seen?  I guess it would require more programming but would be less condescending.

I liked it over all but it wasn’t spectacular, maybe because it was really pretty short or there was no real ah-ha moment in the game. I think the thing that stood out the most was the weird descriptions initially of being inside the robot and how you were trying to move but couldn’t figure it out. That was pretty neat.

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  1. When you say you got the max score, do you mean 90 points? If so, how? As I wrote in my review: “I’m not entirely sure how 90 points are achievable, since I only had 75 points after the optimal ending, and that already included 5 for opening the garage door, which would only have been necessary on an alternate, inferior path through the game. Of course, I might have missed something along the way.”

  2. I got 90/90 if I recall correctly. Maybe I’m imagining things though so I can always look and check this again, since I have a save file right before the final action. I’ll take another look at it later.

  3. Er, I couldn’t figure out how to edit that post and I quoted it wrong, but here’s what the game said; I double checked.

    “In that game you scored 90 out of a possible 90, in 191 turns, earning you the rank of Master Mind!”

    So, yeah, I found all the points.

  4. Thanks for checking! Out of curiosity, I played it through again, compared transcripts, and I think I’ve solved the mystery: 20 points are awarded for successfully taking the keys, but ONLY if you haven’t already tried taking them from Gilby when he still slept. In my previous playing session, I tried taking the keys from him while he held them, just to see what would happen – and after waking him, I didn’t get those 20 points when I took the keys.

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