I cut my hair

I cut my hair, so, it was time for a new avatar.  This one comes courtesy of Len Peralta, though it’s not a proper portrait of myself but instead an avatar given out to RiffTrax fans from last night’s viewing of classic film Reefer Madness.  I’m a big fan of MST, Rifftrax by association, and B-movies in general, including the fantastic Smithee Awards held at Origins each year.  And the Reefer Madness chick does kinda look a little like me. Go fig.

Other movies for gamers and geeks that everyone is talking about right now are Inception and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. You should see Scott Pilgrim; it is sad it hasn’t done better at the box office than it has and the gamer-nerd quotient is off the chart.  As far as Inception goes, I found the discussions about it that happened afterward much more interesting than the movie itself.