IF Comp 2011: Taco Fiction

I see what you’re doing here, Taco Fiction.

By having the protagonist shake a lot with uncertainty, wibbling to himself every time he has to pull out his unloaded gun, you’re trying to tell me that he is not, in fact, a complete douchebag, just a desperate guy who is down on his luck and left without another choice in his own mind.

Unfortunately, Taco Fiction, I am a complete douchebag, at least when I play video games.  So I robbed the girl at the ice cream shop for all the spare change in her drawer.  I then solved the rest of the game and, after checking “Amusing,” realized I’d probably locked myself out of the best ending.

Oh well, at least my rent is paid! I will sleep fine tonight!

A fun game, I liked it a lot.  The game had a cute voice with lots of cheeky lines.  I checked out the hints file after finishing it, and even that has some funny bits.

I noticed one technical problem, which is that if you try to get the dagger while you are outside the locked Honda, the game will state that the dagger is part of the window.  My, that was an odd sentence.