GameSprout is Coming!

Last week I mentioned I was moving to Pittsburgh for a new project. So let me tell you about what I’m working on now…

GameSprout is a new community for game designers and developers.
The big idea – people pitch different game concepts for games they’d like to see made. The community votes on ideas. The most popular/best ideas are then submitted to a development queue, where developers will prototype the game concepts. 
Our goal is transparency – not just getting ideas and making games, but showing every step of the way what processes were used to bring those games to life.
If that sounds like something you’d be interested in in, sign up for the mailing list so you’ll have first crack at our open Beta!

This is still my blog, not an official Schell Games blog or anything like that (note my disclaimer), but I really am excited about this and hope people who read me here will check it out!

3 thoughts on “GameSprout is Coming!”

  1. Wow, cool! I had heard about that but had no idea you were involved. Sounds like an awesome concept.

    So who are the designers in question? Are they a part of the community, or a part of Schell Games?

  2. At first, the game development team is internal to Schell. But eventually we also hope that GameSprout will be a good hub for indie developers and designers to connect. Community members can also comment on any design idea or prototype with suggestions.

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