Upcoming Speaking Engagements

My travelogue for the upcoming months includes some speaking engagements!

On Monday (May 20) I am going to be speaking at Drexel University in Philadelphia among a panel of really smart people! The event is the Drexel Week of Writing, and our topic is – Pitfall! What Writers and Videogame Designers Need to Know About Each Other. I’m really excited to be part of the panel and I hope to bring my unique side of the conversation as someone who both makes games and writes about them!

On June 6, I am going to be attending the Gotland Game Conference along with some of my colleagues at Schell Games. This is super exciting for me as it’s a huge honor to have the chance to speak abroad. My topic is Creating Community through Communication. I’m going to talk about the human factor in online communities. Everyone is a part of some online community these days… what should we know about best practices for communication in these communities, and what can we do when communication breaks down?

After returning to the USA I will be attending the last three days of the Origins Game Fair as is my yearly tradition. I can’t make the full show this year but I will definitely be at the Smithee Awards!