Samus is —

It seems like, just based on blog stats, one of the most popular things I’ve ever written is this essay on Samus Aran and her apparent height in the various video games she stars in. It’s probably one of the first serious critical games pieces I’ve ever written and I’m glad people are still reading and linking to it, though it’s obviously got some age on it, being written in 2010.
Anyway, you can therefore imagine why I was pleased as punch, pun intended, to see this the other day, and not for the obvious reason:

Important bit is at around one minute in. I don’t mind that my lady gets an uppercut to the face. That’s just the realities of Smash. Samus is tall again! Or at least, Nintendo is making the joke that a starring female character is taller than a starring male character, and that’s some kind of progress.

(IndieCade East writeups in progress. Was a great show!)