Unity Roadshow and other Philly Game News

Quick programming notice:

Unity Roadshow is going to be in Philadelphia this week! I’m very excited to be there on April 2 at the Philly Game Forge. If you want a great day of Unity training, it’s not too late to register for free!  Hope to see you there!

Also, if you love Philly games, please check out the results of the latest Philly Dev Night Game Jam: ProfitJam.

The GDC Vault also released lots of free content today. This includes the GDC Failure Workshop featuring Will Stallwood from Philly’s Cipher Prime and Indie Soapbox featuring Philly developer Greg Lobanov talking about his adventure biking across the USA. Cipher Prime’s Dain Saint also did a cool talk about the Universe from a game design perspective, and How to Break the Game.

So much love for local devs! Can’t wait to see many of you this week!






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