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  • A Cockail for Braid

    Have a Super Mar 10!  For Mario March I am creating Mario-inspired food and drink. I’m going to be playing Braid today. In the spirit of The Drunken Moogle, I thought it would be nice to create a cocktail to celebrate this game, and drink while I play. Some game and geek cocktails only mimic…

  • Celebrating Mario March

    Celebrating Mario March

    Hi Everyone! Have you been watching my Twitch stream? No? Well, it’s at This is a really good place to find me lately, since I’m trying to get into a habit of streaming more often. I’ve gotten involved with an awesome group of streamers all locally in Philadelphia, and it’s a blast playing games…

  • The Unintentional Tech Wisdom of Scott Shaw

    The Unintentional Tech Wisdom of Scott Shaw

    There’s a B movie I’m really fond of called Guns of El Chupacabra. If you’ve hung out with me and my husband for long enough, you’re probably familiar with the movie. We discovered it through the Smithee Awards ceremony at Origins Gaming Convention, and have been sharing it with people for years. The hero of…

  • Writing Roundup

    Writing Roundup

    This blog hasn’t been too busy lately, I know. But if you’re interested, I’ve been posting a lot of articles that I was sitting on for a while on the games blog I write for,— I Play Fighting Games for the Story – about the story mode in Street Fighter V and why it…

  • What Is a Technical Evangelist?

    I get this question a lot! My co-worker, Dave Voyles, made a video about it a while ago, but I thought I’d make one from my perspective, after three years on the job. Thanks for watching!

  • Catch me on Twitch!

    Catch me on Twitch!

    Cross-posted from I can’t always find time to write long essays about games. I’m often busy playing them! I figured I’d go ahead and share that gameplay with all of you, so I re-invigorated my Twitch stream. I haven’t streamed since Extra Life several years ago, so I’m shaking off the dust. Check my…

  • Making Makoto’s Black Dress

    Making Makoto’s Black Dress

    This last weekend I went to the Sailor Moon Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball! It was an event in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sailor Moon, with formal costumes, drinks, dancing, and moonlight. We enjoyed the event very much. But what does someone wear to something like this? Well… I wanted to do a “canon”…

  • Making a Connection Between Unity 3D and Azure IoT Hub

    This is a technical blog post about a problem and solution that I encountered with Unity 3D and Azure. Hopefully it will be of use to someone out there.

  • What Is: Microsoft Cognitive Services

    What Is: Microsoft Cognitive Services

    Lately I’ve taken an interest in Microsoft’s Cognitive Services suite, and given some talks about Cognitive Services around the country. Since it makes sense to take some notes on this process, I’m going to write a couple of blog entries going through some of the services available and some sample code for people who want…

  • VR and Mixed Reality Event at MS Reactor

    VR and Mixed Reality Event at MS Reactor

    I’m leaving this here to avoid causing any confusion, but I am sorry to report the event has been postponed. We’ll update if there is a rain date for this event as we are still committed to bringing the combo Vive and HoloLens content at a later date. Original copy below: