Writing Roundup

This blog hasn’t been too busy lately, I know. But if you’re interested, I’ve been posting a lot of articles that I was sitting on for a while on the games blog I write for, Tap-Repeatedly.com

I Play Fighting Games for the Story – about the story mode in Street Fighter V and why it doesn’t quite work for me, and about my relationship to fighting game stories in general

Too Many Games and the Philadelphia Game Scene – a hopefully humorous personal look at a local games event and the activities there!

Heart Quest Books: D&D Adventures for Girls – some cool books that I read this summer that were written in the 80s!

Also, I wrote a chapter in a book!

100 Greatest Video Game Characters (available on Amazon)

This book lists 100 great video game characters, and opens up the debate as to whether you think those characters deserve to be called the greatest. I can actually think of a few characters I believe are missing from this list, so it’s bound to start conversations. Of course, I wrote about an inarguably correct choice – SHODAN. It’s an honor of course to be part of the project and I hope you check it out!










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