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  • Job Update

    Some quick news on the job front – I have moved to a new team at Microsoft! I am starting a role as a Software Engineer in the Tech-Aligned Americas team. I am going to be focusing on Conversational AI, as well as Mixed Reality and Games/Gamification opportunities as they arise. I am really excited…

  • Writing Roundup

    Writing Roundup

    This blog hasn’t been too busy lately, I know. But if you’re interested, I’ve been posting a lot of articles that I was sitting on for a while on the games blog I write for,— I Play Fighting Games for the Story – about the story mode in Street Fighter V and why it…

  • Catch me on Twitch!

    Catch me on Twitch!

    Cross-posted from I can’t always find time to write long essays about games. I’m often busy playing them! I figured I’d go ahead and share that gameplay with all of you, so I re-invigorated my Twitch stream. I haven’t streamed since Extra Life several years ago, so I’m shaking off the dust. Check my…

  • New Location

    This post is a test of the new location of using Azure and WordPress! You’re probably going to see changes happening here and there while I widen columns and adjust backgrounds over the next few days, so don’t get too hung up on the way the site looks right now. The migration from Blogger…

  • New Home for Cosplay Mystery Dungeon

    Our 7-Day Roguelike has a semi-perma home now. If you came here, you should also read this great blog entry about the music for the game!

  • Some DNS Issues

    Sorry – I had a temporary service outage. My blog hasn’t been too disrupted, but anything hosted on, including my recent Twine game, isn’t functioning right now while they restore my backup web site. I hope to have everything fixed by tomorrow!