Leaving for Origins!

Tomorrow we’re taking off for the Origins Game Fair in Columbus!

How exciting is this: this year I’m going to be DMing a couple of sessions with Rogue Cthulhu! I love playing in their games every year, and this year I’ve finally got the courage to run my own!

But you don’t need me to make posts about my travel anymore. As you can see, I’ve added a handy Events Page to show you where I’ll be. Just check it out here: SecondTruth Events

Best of Build and Windows 10

Now some important news from Microsoft for developers out there:

Build sold out in record time this year, so a lot of people may have missed out. If you’re one of those unlucky few, there’s a few ways to catch up on news…

Microsoft Virtual Academy has a “Best of Build and Windows 10” video series you can check out! It goes into the new app model, news for game developers, info about the new Edge browser, IoT, open-source, and more.

And for more in depth Windows 10 development content, a free live-streamed event will be held on the same web site starting tomorrow! Register now for A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10.

Or, if you’re near a major city and want to venture outside, check out the Build Tour. Day-long live events may be coming to your country/area! We have Atlanta coming up on May 20, and Chicago on June 10, and lots more. These events are international so one may be closer to home than you think! Look it up at https://www.build15.com/

MomJam – The Voxelles Mother’s Day Game Jam

I’ve remarked quite a bit in the past about “Dad Games:” the gamification of fatherhood that seemed to be a recent fad in AAA game design. But the inevitable question arises: where are all the Mom Games?

When I say “games about moms,” many people mention “well, there’s that one with the badgers” (Shelter). Cart Life has an honest exploration of human motherhood. Moms do show up in blockbuster games, but often as antagonists. Now Sonya Blade can perform a fatality on her own daughter, which… has some psychological ramifications I’m sure. But surely games about motherhood is a topic that needs more exploration.

This month the Voxelles, Chicago’s female game development group, had a Mother’s Day Game Jam about this very topic! And I was there! Continue reading

HoloLens and GameDev News at Build

Some highlights from the Build keynotes today and the announcements from Microsoft:

News: HoloLens apps, for Microsoft’s AR HoloLens device, are Windows 10 apps. Windows 10 apps that run in windows will be able to snap to your actual walls. For examples, see some pictures here or check out the link to the video: HoloLens on the Walls

Unity 3D will work to create apps and games for HoloLens! I’ve heard really great things about this integration. Imagine making a game character that could run right out into the real world and jump around on all your furniture… More info released from Unity today here: Unity Blog

Unity announced deeper integration with Visual Studio recently. So not to leave Mac or Linux developers behind, Visual Studio Code is a new cross-platform Visual Studio family member. You can get it here, free: Visual Studio Code

Full Unity support for this is still pending, but it has some features that Mac and Linux developers should find useful!

Also, for game devs who have been holding off on Windows support for their games, Build also announced support to easily retarget Windows with your Java or C++ apps from Android and Objective C apps from iOS. Here’s some details at TechCrunch.

Now Playing: Mortal Kombat X

I was already interested in trying Mortal Kombat X, because it had been a little while since I bought a Mortal Kombat game. I was pushed over into the “immediate purchase” category by a tweet from Javy Gwaltney saying he’d like to see what a woman thought of the game. Specifically, he was asking about the changes in outfits, but I thought I’d go ahead and write a bit about the game in general. That turned in to wanting to write a lot about the game in general, so this is the first post of a bunch.

As a woman, I am also a person who really likes Mortal Kombat. I would go so far as to call myself a fan, though I haven’t bought every single installment. I played MK a lot back in the old controversy days of the 90s. I like to think I was pretty good at it, as a kid. In the arcade, I didn’t have to be better at fighting games than the rest of the world. I just had to be better than whoever had the next quarter to put up. The thrill of seeing someone’s head eaten in a Fatality, even if I didn’t perform it myself, was more than worth the 50-cent price of admission.

We bought the Sega Genesis when we did partially because it had the “real” Mortal Kombat port, with the actual blood. You still had to enter a code to get it (ABACABB, and no, I didn’t have to look it up). In the years that followed I went to see both films (yeah even the really terrible second one) and continued to track the series’ insane, pulpy story. I’ve purchased installments of the home game off and on over the last few years.

I’ll break my “review” into a few parts, starting with an overview of characters. I have no idea how long this is going to ramble on for, so I’m using my own blog for it. Also, except for saving my absolute favorites for the end, I’ll discuss the characters in no particular order! So, starting tomorrow and ending Whenever: A Review of the Characters (and guest stars) in Mortal Kombat X.

For today, here’s the “We Hate Movies” podcast picking fun of the movie. You’re welcome.


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