On XBox One Self Publishing

While I was at IndieCade East (read my Tap-Repeatedly article here!) I saw a talk about self-publishing for Indie games on the PlayStation 4.

What a lot of indie developers that I talked to didn’t realize is that self publishing on XBox One is also a thing. If you’re interested in being on the One, you can sign up for ID@Xbox and just let them know.

Easy questions answered:

Unity Support? Yes
Huge fee to join the program? No, free
Huge patching fees? No, no patching fees
Achievements? Kinect? Yes – and I’m pretty excited to see what indies will do with the new Kinect. It seems like it’s the hackers and crackers that did the coolest stuff with even the old device.

I hope you found this informative if you have interest in XBox! It feels like a lot of people still didn’t know about this program.







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