GDC Over! Events Upcoming

I’m back from GDC! I’m writing a bit about the games and talks I saw on, so join me there for some of the stuff I saw, including most of the narrative summit and some new games that I got to try. More updates throughout the week.

My next workshop appearance will be on March 26 in Philadelphia and it’s one I am excited about. I’m partnered with Geek Girl Dinners to deliver a workshop on creating interactive fiction games. Now that I have a few such games under my belt I want to talk about how people can create their own games in Twine and Inform 7 and export them to share with friends and family. No coding experience will be required at all to learn, but please bring your own laptop and RSVP at the event site!

Following that, I plan on attending the Bitcamp Hackathon at U Maryland where I’ll be serving as advice and support. I’ll also be at Philly Tech Week… that is until I fly out to Boston to cover as press again for PAX East! Let me know if I will see you at any of these events!


I have gotten a few questions as to whether or not I will be at Build on April 2. Sadly, no, as you can see my schedule is already packed! Microsoft made me aware of the best ways to telecommute to the event though so I can still find out the news. This is all information that my employers hope I pass on to interested readers too:

Starting March 26th, Microsoft is hosting a jumpstart series called “Building Blocks.” This will be hosted on Virtual Academy and cover HTML5, XAML, CSS, C#, mobile services, working with data, and other topics, with live video streaming and Q&A.

On April 2nd – 3rd,  Build keynotes and select sessions will be streamed live online. Keynotes will begin at 8:30 am (PST) and end at approximately 11:30 am (PST). If you want to make a personalized schedule, Channel 9 has an Events app you can try (no matter what platform you use). Build sessions will also be posted on Channel 9 within 24 hours to watch at any time. I’ll try to point out my favorites later.

More info is at the Official Microsoft Blog or you can follow Build on Twitter at @BLDWIN. If you are going to be at Build, enjoy it! I just got back from San Francisco and it’s pretty beautiful right now!

So that’s April so far… in May, I’m goin’ to Disney World. (Yeah, seriously!)






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